It’s ok – you need to be in their face about it!

Well, there’s no secret that you are trying to sell something so if you think that being shy about it is going to make the register ring – think again.

People are waiting to be convinced, enticed, and entertained. You may just be surprised at what catches someone’s attention. We’ve all been to the mailbox and thrown out our “junk mail” before even looking at it. The same goes for our e-mails – an address you don’t know or a sales pitch in the subject line? – TRASH.

What if we told you we know how to get around this? BCB Concepts is privy to exclusive lists of consumers that are already poised to buy EXACTLY what you are selling. We save you time and money by presenting addresses, both physical and virtual, that represent a customer base that are already interested in buying what you have to sell.

Our BCB Concepts marketing team are pros at the art of what we call the “shoulder tap”.

Our marketing strategies are persistent, creative, and out of the box.

Get your consumer to say OK! Who are you? Just like someone persistently tapping on your shoulder until you turn around and look them in the face.

Face your customer and get started with your personalized shoulder tapping campaign. We guarantee they WILL turn around. Step out of the box with us! Inquire here.